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M60 Firmware Update Problems


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THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED. I had to plug my mouse into a different computer to update the firmware because the system I built apparently only has 3.0 ports.


Whenever I try to update my Firmware I get the error message. "Set firmware update mode failed!"


I tried following the steps in the Firmware Problems thread but I think most of it does not apply to my prolbme.



1) Make sure you have the K90_setup_beta2.12_010602 driver kit unzipped somewhere.

2) MOST IMPORTANT STEP Go to Start->Control Panel->Power Options->Change Plan Settings->Change Advanced Power Settings->USB Settings->USB selective suspend setting->Disabled

3) Plug your K90 into a DIRECT USB 2.0 PORT on your machine.


After this I don't think the steps seem to apply to me. My Mouse is called "Corsair M60 Gaming Mouse". It's not a generic or unrecognized device.


These Steps don't apply to me because I don't have the drivers? I just downloaded the software and m60 firmware update package.

4) Go to Start->Devices and Printers.

5) Right-click on KBD BOOT LOADER and select 'Properties'

6) Click on the Hardware tab. You should see 'HID Keyboard Device' and another item (I forgot what it says, but it shouldn't say 'Corsair Gaming Keyboard'). Select the other item, then click 'Properties'

7) Click on the 'Change Settings' button on the first page of the Properties dialog

8) Click on 'Update Driver'

9) Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'

10) Select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'

11) Click 'Have Disk' It might look for your a: drive first (good old windows)

12) In the box 'copy manufacturer's files from put 'C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\K90 firmware update\Driver\X64'

13) You should be able to select the Corsair driver somehow. When your done Your 'KBD BOOT LOADER' properties should have 'Corsair Gaming Keyboard' and 'HID Keyboard Device'

14) Select the HID Keyboard Device

15) Click 'Change Settings'

16) Click the Driver Tab

17) Click 'Uninstall'. Windows will cry about this. Let it do it's thing

18) Once you 'OK' everything they K90 won't work at all. DON'T PANIC! You should also not see KBD BOOT LOADER in Devices and Printers


20) Run 'K90FirmwareUpdate_v107.exe' from the driver package

21) When setup is done, run the Firmware Updater and fire it off.

22) OH YEAH - It should complete at this point. Your keyboard won't light up just now. DON'T PANIC!

23) Unplug the K90 from it's current port. Plug it into another one.

24) Run 'K90 setup beta.2.12 010612.exe'.

25) Keyboard should light up. All keys should work. Enjoy the fact that you don't need to ship your $120 keyboard anywhere, and you have some sweet clicky justice!

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