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Corsair 600T clear acryllic side panel


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You can order one from MNPCTECH


The entire process to make one of these side panels is 1.5 hours. This includes meticulously polishing the acrylic after it’s milled. You must use your factory panel latches in our clear 600t panel. Your panel will arrive with paper adhesive backing. Once this backing is removed, it voids any refund. Each panel is made on per order basis. Estimated 6 – 8 week wait after receiving payment via Paypal. Clear 600T Side Panel is $125 + shipping.


We will ship overseas for additional shipping costs.


To order a 600T Clear Panel, pcbuilder@mnpctech.com with your city and zipcode.


Mnpctech’s Modder, Bill Owen made a video on you how swap panel latches on your 600T panel it’s 79.0 MB, you can download it here



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