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Corsair AX850 - Post problem


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Hello, I've owned a Corsair AX850 PSU for just less then a year.

Recently, I've been have some boot/post problem.


When ever I've shut down the computer, it would not turn on again.

It would not post, no lights, no fans, no noise, nothing.


If I take out the 24pin from the MB, plug it into a PSU Tester, the 24pin light is on even when the PSU is off.


Then, I turn on the PSU with the PSU tester.

PSU turns on, and all fans connected directly to the PSU spins.


Then, I unplug the PSU tester, replug it to the MB and the system post immediately.


This problem happens everytime I turn off the PC, but while the PC does post, It runs fine.


And connecting it to the PSU tester, turn on psu, then replug to mb works every single time to get it to post.


Its the strangest thing, how do I know if its the PSU or MB giving the problem?

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And from what you have posted it could be a MB problem and not have anything to do with the PSU tester only that you are disconnecting power from the MB and it will post on the next attempt to turn on.

So I agree testing the PSU in another system would be the best way to test this and or testing another PSU on this system.

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