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H80 info needed


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If you're planning on installing an H80 in the upper area where there is already that pre-existing older 120mm radiator and fan array....


....From the attached image, it's going to be damned close, especially with a P.S.U. in the way. That could well be the main issue unless you can squeeze the hoses in behind your P.S.U. and the back side of the case??? A little modding may well be required!!??


The added problem that you may encounter is that the hoses on the H80 aren't particularly flexible, they are very stiff, so not easy to route through or around anything too complex!!!!!


I'm not saying I'm 100% certain, but personally I'd have my reservations were I in your shoes m8!!!!! Not sure the hoses would reach in all honesty!!!


You may well be better off considering a new case if you must have an H80!!!???!!!??

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