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CM2x2048-6400C4DHX - mem test fails


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Hi. I have 4 sticks of CM2x2048 - 6400C4DHX in my asus p5BE and I'm getting repeated fails in mem test:


Test 5, Fail address 0013a1689C0-5025.4MB,

Test 5, Fail address 0013a1693c0 - 5089.4MB

Test 6, Fail address 0013a1689c4-5025.4MB



I'm currently running 5-5-5-18 timings.


Can anyone help?





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Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the delay in replying. Took me a while to get the time to do this test.


I tested all modules individually. 3 tested okay but the fourth gave me an error:




Failing Address= 0001d2b44c4 - 466.7 MB

Good= 2d307be0

Bad= 2d307be8

err-Bits = 00000008

Count 1.


Does that mean that this particular stick is faulty?

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