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Intel DP43BF - CMX8GX3M2A1333C9


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New Intel DP43BF MoBo with 2 sticks of Corsair XMS3 memory (2X4=8Gb). On first attempt to start new build, BIOS won't post and get 3 evenly spaced identical beeps indicating memory problem. Three beeps repeat.


Compatible memory?


Any suggestions?

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I am sorry but that MB will not support our 4.0 Gig modules they would have to be 2.0 Gig modules and only Version X.X, if our modules version is X.XX they will not work on that MB, sorry!


What does the x.xx version number signify?


I bought the same MB, and 4 x 2GB corsair XMS3 RAM (CMX8GX3M4A1600C9) I put the system together today, and got a memory error. I figured it was because I hadn't updated my bios to the latest version which would enable 2Gbit SDRAM density compatability. The sticks I bough are v8.16. Are these modules a lost cause on my MB?

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