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TX650W V2 sparking IEC socket


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Hello Corsair and everyone else,


For those that are not familiar with the IEC socket, this is what I am referring to: The socket on the back of the PSU.


A few years ago I purchased the original TX650W unit which died recently.

- Turned it on, massive bang and my rings mains tripped out.

- This PSU was sent back and replaced under warranty at the expense of £18.


Naturally I was also concerned with the potential damages that are associated with a PSU blowing so decided it would be a very good idea to test my computer with another PSU. I purchased a CM GX 450W PSU to get my PC up and running/test whilst the Corsair unit was being RMA'ed. Everything was ok, no damage done and the PC performed as it should with the CM GX 450W. Eventually my new Corsair TX650W V2 replacement arrived and with much excitement I installed it back into my PC, however this is where the problem begins.


The unit functions and the PC works but there is a sparking sound coming from the IEC socket. With a higher load the sparking is louder and the only way to prevent this is to push & hold the IEC plug with a lot of force into the socket on the back of the PSU.


Is this an isolated incident or are the other people with the "clicking/noisey PSUs" misdiagnosing the problem?


I am 100% positive that my issue is a sparking IEC socket as determined by the above method but what can I do?


My problem is the shipping, I really do not wish to spend another £18.

And what happens if I recieve another one with the same problem?


I would like to ask if Corsair and other members can investigate their IEC sockets. (I did also try different IEC mains leads)


Kind regards,


United Kingdom (England)

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Sharp, first you need to RMA that PSU again. Thats the first "sparking" one that i have seen so far. So i would say it's pretty isolated


Since this would be a second RMA Corsair will pick up the tab on the shipping. But you will have to pick up the phone and call them and explain it to them. Since you are oversas i would use SKYPE to make the call. Oh and don't forget about the time difference. :)

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Since this would be a second RMA Corsair will pick up the tab on the shipping.


An official confirmation on this would be really great ;):

However, I do not wish to make a long distance phone call and do not have use of SKYPE.


I understand that the warranty process is a 2 way procedure, I must do a little in order to benefit.


  • The warranty has effectively saved me once, instead of paying out another £68, I got a new one for £18. (Old unit lasted 4 years)
  • It has a slight issue which is solvable at the expense of me voiding the warranty. (I am contemplating modifying the IEC socket)
  • Can I be bothered to send it back?


Hmmm, I'll think about it but in the mean time I hope Corsair and other members consider the possibility of a sparking IEC socket.

To the untrained ear this does sound like a clicking hard drive.


Thanks for the reply peanutz94.


Best wishes,


United Kingdom (England)

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  • 1 year later...

I have not been using the PSU since reporting the problem but recently decided to investigate the issue.


Turns out the chassis mounted IEC socket was not soldered correctly to the mini PCB shown here.




All working fine now :):

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