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HX850 Failure


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I have been a satisfied Corsair customer for some time, however today I was shocked when my power supply, HX850, had died.


So I walked over to my computer this evening and shook the mouse to wake it up, I see the screen turn on and then about 2 seconds later the whole computer instantly shuts down. There was no lightning or power outage, as far as I could tell, in the area and all the other computers in the room were unaffected.


So I opened my case and instantly smelled something had burned, initially I thought it was my Logisys Cold Cathode Inverters, which has happened before, however when they fail, they don't suddenly turn off the computer. Also, they were not on at the time, so that was eliminated. I located the smell and it was directly from the PSU. What is strange is that the computer was idle, therefore it wasn't like a wattage overload and even on high power load its only half the 850 Watts at most.


I replugged the HX850, however none of the motherboard lights turned on. I plugged in the P4 and ATX Power cables from a different power supply and the motherboard lights did turn on. So it is definitely the HX850.


I have four questions:

1. How long will the entire RMA process take? Because I need to get up and running as soon as possible.

2. I am unable to test my parts, so if the Motherboard, Video card, or something else died within the process of my PSU dying, is there any form of compensation from Corsair?

3. Will I need to pay to ship my PSU back to them, or will that be refunded?

4. Can I keep upgrade to the AX series and pay the difference? If not, can I get a money refund of the PSU?


Sorry for the long post! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

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Thank you for your speedy answer.


One more question, will I need to send every single wire that originally came with the PSU? I recently did a complicated wire organization job and it would be a pity to take out some of the SATA power wires.

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