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CX-430 Power Surging ??


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I bought a Corsair CX-430 for a low power Home server build.... Great Price at N-CIX... after installing all my parts, i hit the power switch and ...... Nothing.

no post... I then dismantled everything, tested My ram (2 different kinds both supported by Motherboard) I tested the CPU, mobo, everything Was A ok. then I used my old D3LL PSU and Bam It posts, but with an error stating the Power Surge Protection had been Tripped from the Previous attempt at booting..


so is the CX-430 known to Surge? Im slightly disappointed as it was a great deal, had the right amount of power sleeved cables long enough to reach in my case and from a brand i trust. Now i figure i'll have to return it.. possibly with a 15% restocking fee, unless this is considered to be a defect? Its still less than 30 days since purchasing so the store will take it back.. just wanted to know if this is common on the CX-430?


Thanks for any input.

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D3LL? Dell's not a dirty word or anything :)


Good to know. some forums it is.



Thanks Ram Guy I was able to return it to NCIX, for a different brand unfortunately, they had no Replacements in stock and I needed it ASAP, its from my Backup File Server.

I was able to determine it was the PSU. (12 steps to get a motherboard to POST) So it was not a short in the system.

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