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Water cooling Q & A:


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The H50 or h70 is a great start to water cooling. To me its worth it just for the peace and quite of the water v/s the fan on air coolers. Now going beyond that depends on how fast and high performance you go with your hardware. If you start to go with the high end vid cards you need better cooling.
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Allow 24 hours before bumping a thread. It's well after business hours.


I don't think you are going to get an abundance of DIY water cooling advice here. First, you are posting in the Case section. You may get better info in either the Cooling and/or Enthusiast areas. And, we manufacture preassemembled cooling units, not DIY kits.


That said, our Hydro series coolers offer more benefits aside from great cooling.


Fast and easy to install.


Flexible for a variety of different case sizes and configurations

Full clearance of the RAM slots on MOBOs to allow for the use of tall memory modules


Etc, just find reviews and feedback in our Cooling and Enthusiast areas.

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