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HX650w failed after 12 months and 1 week


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My HX650w PSU failed after 12 months and 1 week, and since the retailer i bought it from only handles warranty claims themselves in the first 12 months, im left with the $55 USD postage and handling cost to USA (i live in Sydney Australia and thats regular air mail) For a product that has a 7 year warranty it simply isnt good enough. For the money i paid for a "quality" PSU i would expect it to last for at least 5 years n if it lasted half as long i wouldnt have minded paying that price for an RMA, but having to spring for an extra 33% of the original cost 1 year after purchase just isnt acceptable. Not to mention im without a pc until my replacement arrives most likely 2 weeks at least so im posting this off my phone which is incredibly painful but i want to share my experience with fellow international customers.↲

Now some people might say its not Corsair's fault that my countrys shipping charges are so expensive, but ive bought their products from DDR ram to current SSDs because i expect a certain level of quality and i couldve bought 3 or 4 generic psus for the price i paid for my corsair. Apparently it couldnt handle my 6870s at stock volts because it failed exactly 1 week after installing them. My old psu lasted 6 years with alot more power hungry cards cpus and HDDs than my current system before it died after our house was struck by lightning without a surge protector (the HX650 DID have a surge protector) and yes i tried the paperclip test and a 2nd motherboard. Just something for the non US customers to think about before paying the premium for a Corsair product.

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For next time:

1. You MAY (or may not) be able to RMA through the distributor. Still may involve shipping within your country, but that'd certainly be cheaper than internation shipping.

2. Ask about alternative RMA depot locations. There's 3 currently: USA, NL, Taiwan.

3. Ask about an advanced RMA.

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