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Concern about AX750W whine / buzz


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Is it well known that the AX750 (or AX series) whine / buzz mainly under some type of GPU load?


I just tested out my new AX750 PSU today and it whines / buzzes more than the HX620 I am trying to replace.

The situations where I can reproduce the noise are when I GPU folding @ home (headache whine / squeal), Starcraft 2 (moderate buzzing), furmark (buzzes slightly), Unigine Heaven v2.1 (slight buzzing, but on closing screen a loud squeal).

It isn't as bad as the others in Starcraft 2 since I have game sounds, but I always notice it.

With the AX750 I get buzzing every time I scroll up and down a webpage. It does not happen on the HX620.



Since I OC my CPU I have all my power saving modes disabled.

I also connected my AX750 while leaving it outside of the case. From there it I can pin point it to the PSU and not the graphic card or mobo.

I have also been through five graphic cards on the HX620 and it buzzed while powering all of those. (ASUS / MSI 5770 1GB, XFX 4870 1GB, XFX 5850 1GB, XFX 5850 1GB different model).

I have also tried plugging the HX620 directly into the wall of my apt and my parent's house, instead of in the UPS.

The AX750 is going to be replaced by Newegg since I want to give the same model another go. (Mostly, because I got a great deal on it + a rebate).

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I just setup the replacement AX750 PSU and it has the same symptoms as the Corsair HX620, but noticeably quieter.

I also noticed this AX750 makes a click when powered on and turned off, whereas the HX620 and the first AX750 do not make a click. Pretty minor point though...


(As a note my first AX750 was worse than the HX620 as it buzzed when simply scrolling up and down on a webpage.)


Same setup method as before:

AX750 out of the computer case so I can isolate the sound to the PSU and easier to fully test a new PSU.

Also, I only have the motherboard, graphics card, and the SSD being powered.


So... At this point do I request a RMA with Corsair?

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  • Corsair Employee
Are you able to duplicate the same issues if you boot up from safe mode? We always have the option of replacing the PSU for you, just Request an RMA. If multiple units are doing the same thing, then its possible that the issue lies with the graphics card or motherboard, and I would test the PSU in a different system to be sure.
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Hi I did try to duplicate the issue in safe mode, but I was not able to due to drivers/programs not being able to run in safe mode.


I have already tried out several graphic cards in this computer so I can rule that one out.


As for the motherboard I can RMA it, but they will most likely give back the exact same motherboard. However I can try pushing Gigabyte for another motherboard instead of "repair"...

The other issues are the long down time and the GA-EP45-UD3P is basically EOL. It takes 4 or 5 business days one way from NC to CA. I would be without my computer for probably 2 weeks.

Sadly Gigabyte's current policy states, "No cross shipping or advanced replacements under any circumstances." :[pouts:


If I find a chance I will try and test it out on a friend's computer since I do not have another gaming rig here.

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I know this is an old post but I have the exact same problem with an AX850 with a 6870 GPU, when the the core and memory clock are taken from idle to load the PSU buzzes. Happens while scrolling of heavy picture based web pages and gaming.


But this is not unique to this power supply. I replaced my old Zalman 850HP with this corsair unit as this was doing the same and I thought it was dying on me.


When in safe mode I can't test 3D applications but the web pages that would normally cause the buzz, do not.

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Yea, it is due to my motherboard / this PSU combo.

I did not update this thread, but I tested it on a friend's computer and the buzzing was significantly reduced.


For some reason using this mobo causes the PSU to buzz moderately.


Hopefully a replacement PSU will reduce or eliminate some of your issues, similar to what happened to me.

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I did not replace my motherboard, but I upgraded through so many graphic cards, different power sockets, with/without UPS, reformatted, and did that PSU RMA.

Just did not want to deal with a minimum of 2 week down time by replacing the motherboard.

If I remember I will probably go with a motherboard brand that has advanced RMA on my next build.

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Gigabyte has very good custom service for technical issues via their forums.

I think it is one of the better if not the best one among motherboards.


I can see why they do not like advanced RMAs.

They would rather repair, rather than having to deal with a refurbished inventory.

Many other reasons that I will not list.


From a quick search it does seem like ASUS has an advanced RMA program, but it might be on their premium products.

I like how ASUS is diversifying (portable computing / tablets) so I may go with them on the next build.


Good luck on your buzzing issue.

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I can tell you most PC components wii be eligible for cross ship with ASUS. GPU's and MB's for sure. My wife did get a lemon laptop from them about a year and a half ago. I had to ship it to them 4 times over 5 months and 100$+ in shipping charges for repair before they FINALLY issues a complete replacement. I even got them to cross ship that. I'm not sure on other products though
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Hmmm 4 times sounds excessive and most would be ticked on that.


Anyways here is to hoping memory prices stay low and there is a great deal on whatever motherboard I choose in the near future.

... And your next PSU does not buzz.

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