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Ok, so i recently bought myself a Corsair TX650 power supply for my computer. The reason was my last psu which had about 850watts was at its peak of life left over. It didnt have enough to a HD3870 x2 radeon gfx card. Ive had this computer for 3 years now. I also bought a new card Radeon HD 5770 to replace my old one.


The issue is after connection my PSU to my computer, My PC just randomly shuts down at a certain time when running a task which requires to either to use the graphics card or even leaving the computer on for a while. I had tried different solutions such as possibly using the cable converter which came with the graphic card which lets u connect 2 4 pin power port cables, and it did the same thing. I also tried using the PSU PCI-E cable for the graphic card and still did the same thing. I tried many different things like removing extra parts such as 1 slot of ram, my wireless adapter, even my cd rom drive. no luck.


I have noticed though, majority of the time, its because its running a process which requires more power usage on the MB and GFX card. Once i unplug the GFX card and use standard integrated, it works fine which is bringing me to a point stating that maybe the gfx card is overpowering the psu which is causing the whole system to randomly shut down.


Another possibility i think is maybe i did my wiring wrong, although I've checked it and triple checked it, I don't know whether I'm missing something or connected a wire wrong or something.


Although i did only buy the product after doing a massive amount of PSU calculations and whether or not 650watts is enough for my system, and almost every answer i got back was that it should be more then enough. But like i mentioned, after i tested it, it didnt sound like it was enough.


I havent tried reverting back to my 850w PSU yet because I havent got access to it as i left it at my brothers house.


But I hope someone can help me. Maybe im missing something.







Hope this also helps.

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A Radeon HD5770 doesn't need a lot of power on its own, about 80-100W at worst. Power (or lack of it) isn't your issue, at least not assuming the PSU is in complete working condition, as your rig won't even load it to half its capacity. One of my rigs is running a GTX460 card off a 430W PSU, and it's fine. That card needs double the power of the HD5770.


Even though the 850W PSU is not necessary, you could try it to see if there is any difference to rule out that the PSU is the culprit or to check if the same happens when you use the 850W.

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Hmmm well I am going to test the 850w psu as soon I get home from work. Meanwhile what you stated is exactly what I Thought as well. That's why I found it strange. But in saying that the product was brand new when I bought it. Which gets me thinkIng that for a brand new product,I would assume that it would at least run. Sometime before running into an issue.


Also last night after continuously trying trying different setting with the cable,i managed to get it to run for a while without it crashing.but the downside I found was that it would stay running when only single tasking on the computer.meaning literally only letting it run one thing such as windows update and using the Internet at the max.I found I'd I tried running any other program such as Ccleaner or just anything else I start,it crashes.and that. Is like a really light load. When I try to run eg black ops or anything that uses a load it crashes..


Any ideas?

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  • Corsair Employee
I would run http://www.memtest.org just to make sure that there are no memory errors which are contributing to the problem. Once you test a different PSU in the system, you should be able to rule out either the TX650 or the new graphics card as the problem. If it looks like the PSU is causing the issues then please Request an RMA.
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Well I ran the memtest and Intelburn pieces of software on my desktop with the Tx650 and the computer just crashed again. I thought It might also be software related and since I really didn't have anything to lose, i did a fresh reformat of my PC, installed the required drivers, and re ran the tests again. Same thing happened. So I suppose its just the matter of time before I try my old PSU and or try the PSU in a different system to verify where the problem is. Unless you have other suggestions
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Ok. After 2 days of constant troubleshooting the reason behind why the PC keeps crashing under load. I had gone to my last option, I unplugged everything from my motherboard, that includes the heatsinker, and all the psu wires that are connected to the motherboard. I then re-connected all of them starting from my cpu heat sinker, screwed in my PSU, plugged the wires to the motherboard first, and then all the other wires following it.

After completely reconnecting everything. I tried to start my computer again and keep it idle first hoping it went ok.... It did! I ran IntelBurn, and Memtest and it worked perfectly!.


I had also found the reason to the issue I was having and it was that my cpu heat sinker wasn't plugged solidly clamped down, causing the computer to crash every time it was under load. I fixed it be re-clamping it solidly properly after finding out how it the clips work to clamp it.




P.S. This was the only thing I can think would have been the issue because after the first time I un-clamped the heat sinker and then re clamped it after I installed the PSU, the heat sinker was still quite loose. I fixed the issue by clamping it down properly and after various tests under stress, it works flawlessly :D.

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