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  1. So just for clarification... The board works fine with the 8GB DIMM and the 450W PSU then? Sounds strange that the RM750i should cause an issue with the 8GB DIMM installed, but not when the 4GB one is.... Hmmm.
  2. I had the original HX750 80+ Silver for many years, but I don't recall it as being overly noisy. It was slightly more audible than my previous HX620. I did not have more than a quad core CPU and a single higher end GPU on it though. (Only overclocked the GPU, and yeah, PSU was overkill for what I ran on it.). Not sure if you have a whole lot more on it though.
  3. The whining noise can sometimes be caused by external factors, and may not be present when using a certain combination of hardware, while it may be present when using other combinations. I know this, I had a PSU from a competing brand and it squealed like crazy when I used it in one of my computers. The same PSU did not squeal when I used it in another computer, strangely enough. So Corsair testing the PSU before shipping it off to you may not help anything at all.
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