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HX1000W - 12v overvolting


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So I overclock my computer quite a bit... and lately I noticed some instability creeping in. Random freezes with the occassional restart just to make things interesting... and then suddenly my blue ray played died. I replaced it... the new one died. Replaced THAT one and IT died as soon as I hooked it up. The last one I actually hard a POP and saw a flash after I turned everything back on... and caught more than a whiff of "burning". So three dead (SATA)drives and random restarts made me think that there may be something going on with the power supply. I checked in BIOS and all the voltages seem stabled except the 12v which typically hangs out around 12.20-12.25 Once booted voltage monitors report the 12v going to 12.48v. Thinking this was just because of the overlocking I restarted, removed the overclocks and any extra HDD etc. Same thing. 12.48v So two questions really;


1) Is something flaky going on with my HX1000w cause that 12v seems not to be regulating properly?


2) Could that have caused the SATA drives to die? :eek:






Yes I know software/bios readings are horridly inaccurate for measuring voltages. Sadly I dont have a multimeter and I have to wait a few days to get my power supply tester :)

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Check the voltage with a meter. That's the only reliable way to determine if the correct voltage.


Soooo I used a PSU tester on the powersupply and found that both 12v rails were fluctuating between 12.1v and 12.3v (in spec...) however the 3.3v rail was coming up consistently at 3.4v on the nose leaving only .065 tolerance before overvolting. Could that be causing the issue with multiple SATA drives burning out?

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