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H70 Fan Experiment and results...


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I decided to try connecting the two H70 fans to the Fan controller of my CM Storm Sniper case. The results are very positive indeed, and interesting.


To test out the Load temps I ran Prime95, and set the fan speed to a % based on the dial position. The temps are in the form of coolest core - hottest core, as displayed by CoreTemp 0.99.8.


Test System:

i7 920 D0 4GHz (200 x 20)

CPU Voltage: 1.3500

CPU PLL Voltage: 1.88

CPU/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.3500

HT: On

All speed step etc off.


Old TRUE-120 (1600rpm Push/Pull)

IDLE: 38° - 41°

LOAD: 79° - 84°


H70 (fans set to intake)

Fans connected to CPU Fan Header

IDLE: 32° - 38°

LOAD: 67° - 72°


Fans connected to cases fan controller

Minimum (20% ish I think)

IDLE: 35° - 39°

LOAD: 71° - 76°



IDLE: 32° - 36°

LOAD: 66° - 71°



IDLE: 32° - 36°

LOAD: 66° - 71°



I don't have any Db meter or anything so this is subjective but anyway:


TRUE-120: LOUD rushing noise, annoying when room is quite.

H70: CPU Fan power: LOUD rushing noise and irritating whine, annoying even when room noisy.

H70 20% Fan speed: Very Quiet! Gentle shush, fine even when room quite.

H70 50% Fan speed: Average, fan noise not annoying but there in background all the time.

H70 100% Fan speed: LOUD rushing noise and irritating whine, annoying even when room noisy.


So all in all a very good outcome, and even with the fans turned down to minimum the H70 still beats my old TRUE-120, so I am a happy chappy.

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That's good! it is always helpful to mention what your ambient temp is, as we discussed before your case has 3 mighty 200mm x 1000rpm fans that at full rpm are quiet.


IF your controlling all your case and CPU fans by the variable control knob you can do better I think.


You can still run your case fans at 100% thus bringing more air into the case and exhausting large volumes from the top fan without loud fan sound, the benefit of large fans.


You could then run your H70 fans by adjusting them seperately from your intake fans. but you'd need to use fans that are PWM capable or run them of a mobo header that will adjust by voltage



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I have updated the first post as I discovered the top exhaust fan wasn't working. I've fixed this and re run the tests.


I have to say I am very impressed with the results.


@djmorgan: I have no idea what my room temperature is as I don;t have a thermometer. However, I would hazard a guess of around the 19°C mark give or take a degree. I am very happy witht the temps I am getting and the noise levels!

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