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TX650 ... inductor whine?


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Hello all!


I purchased a TX650 with a new system about two weeks ago, everything worked fine except that the power supply emitted an electronic kind of squeal.

is an example of what this sounds like. Note that this is not my video.


I RMA'd the power supply to NCIX(where I bought it), unfortunately the replacement has the same issue. At this point I called NCIX tech support, followed what they said, but no luck fixing it.

List of things I have tried:

Switching power cables/outlets/power bars

Changing the M.I.T(?) voltage settings in the bios, the ram is now set to 1.65 instead of auto (at suggestion of the tech support agent).

Removing Graphics Card-- same problem.

Enabling vsync on the video card -- made no difference


Paper-clip test: The first PSU seemed to pass this with no whines, but I have a feeling that this isn't entirely indicative of my problem. I can do it on the replacement if necessary.


He also suggested pulling out the mother board and putting electrical tape over places where it contacts the case, suggesting that there might be a power leakage somewhere. I haven't done this yet, I'm hoping for an easier solution.


The last thing he left me with is that the parts might just be simply incompatible, in which case I'll have to swap out the PSU/Mobo/GPU for something entirely different. Again, hoping for an easier solution.


I ran speedfan, here are the results for the voltages:

Vcore1: 0.93V

Vcore2: 1.62V

+3.3V: 3.36V

+5V: 5.05V

+12V: 2.11V

-12V: 1.17V

-5V: 8.58V

+5V: 3.63V

Vbat: 3.12V


I'm hoping someone here will have a quick and easy fix for this. It's cost me $20 and ~2 weeks already to RMA the thing once, I'm a university student, and while I'm not quite the starving student some are, I don't really have extra cash to shell out shipping power supplies back and forth until I get one that works. If it comes down to it, is the inductor whine(assuming that's what it is) actually dangerous to my system, or just annoying? If it's just something that causes annoyance, I can probably put up with it until I can replace the power supply with a different model.


Thanks a load for reading this, it turned into a bit of a wall of text!

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  • Corsair Employee
Was the original PSU part of the original build of the system or was it installed as an upgrade later on? Did you ever have the system working without the buzzing? Do you have any other systems that you can test the PSU in, to see if the problems stay with the PSU?
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Thanks for the quick reply and advice.

The PSU is part of an original build. This computer is my first attempt at building a machine, so that should probably be kept in mind. :P


I plugged the PSU into two other computers, and the problem didn't follow. This being said neither of them are very power intensive, and they don't have a direct connection between the graphics card and the power supply like my current machine does.


Regardless of that, it does at this point look like the PSU is not at fault... However, the noises that are being created definitely emanate from it. Do you have any suggestions as to what could cause the PSU to make the noises?



I went into the BIOS looking for power saving options that might be causing this. Either the these options are just about non-existent, or I'm entirely missing them.


Edit 2:

Somewhat interesting update here, on recommendation from a friend, I began swapping parts out. First thing to go was the graphics card.

Still got the noise.

Second thing was the hard drives. This is a tougher guess, because I wasn't able to actually boot into windows, but I had a win7 boot disk run for a couple of minutes. No noise. I'm downloading a copy of ubuntu, so that I can run that of a CD.

What are the chances that an SSD would cause this kind of thing to happen?

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My TX650 also whines. I solved it by enforcing vertical sync for the nvidia gfx card... Apparently the TX650 DC/DC layout is of a poor design that is vulnerable to certain external frequencies.


If Corsair had done a 3rd party EMC test they would no doubt have found and resolved this. Next time I buy a PSU I'll make sure they have documents proving it has gone through proper testing before market release.

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It's nice that it solved your problem, but had you read my posts you would have noticed that a) It still whines with vertical sync on, and b) it still whines when the pc is run without the card.


But 'grats on solving your problem!

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Yeah, the noises are definitely still there. Also, some of the worst buzzing is during the time when I boot up windows, starting during the windows splash screen, and lasting about 30s after it's fully booted.


Is there any chance you could give me a list of things to try? Unfortunately, you work when I'm at school, which makes it difficult to respond. I also only have until Thursday before my RMA period with NCIX runs out, and I think I'd prefer to deal with the RMA crew than warranties.


Thanks for your continued help!

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It's nice that it solved your problem, but had you read my posts you would have noticed that a) It still whines with vertical sync on, and b) it still whines when the pc is run without the card.


But 'grats on solving your problem!


Yes, it whines because external frequencies are present. It could be any electronics in your house causing it. And the solution is to replace the PSU with one of another brand. The TX650 is apparently of flawed design, and it doesn't seem to fulfill the EMC requirements required by law.

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I'll request an RMA when I get home, my netbook doesn't want to load the page.

Two questions on the RMA front: Can I get a different model? On the off-chance that it is an incompatibility of parts I'd prefer to have that dealt with in one fell swoop. I can pay the difference in prices between the models. And, is there a way to request an advanced RMA? As much as I enjoy working on my netbook for two weeks... I don't.


Thanks again for your continued support!

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Do you have scientific proof of your claims?


It whines and it isn't supposed to whine. It is an AC/DC used to convert voltages from 230VAC to 12VDC. It is not sold and advertised as a producer of whining noises, but rather advertised as "ultra quiet".


Further, the whining disturb other products that are likely found nearby, namely the sound card of the PC. If the AC/DC was to sit in something that isn't considered as audio equipment, then there is perhaps a chance that it could pass.


How TUV could let this slip through is beyond me.

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