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Is this Flash Voyager conterfeit?


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Hope this is the right place to post this. I bid on this 32G Flash Voyager and then noticed that the packaging is not like I'm familiar with and the tip is not inserted in the same way.


I have probably committed myself because I can't prove it's fake but I would appreciate any input.


If this is not the proper place, feel free to move it.




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Shape of the drive looks odd. Any numbers on the USB port itself?

Thanks for the post. I bid on this on eBay so I don't have it in my possession.


I'm just hoping that there's someone else out there dumber than I am who will outbid me-- if that's possible.;):


I don't work for Corsair either

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I would strongly suggest walking away from it, and I would suggest purchasing from one of our resellers instead. Ebay is not be trusted on anything. If you do get the buyers protection.


Oh, I am doing just that.


If it is legit, it would go for a lot of money.


My 32G was a gift and my pal paid close to $100 last Black Friday.


Thanks RAM GUY

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