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Hi all and please advise


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Hello every one I am after some help.


I purchased the Corsair TX650 in July 2009 when I purchased it I went straight onto the forums of the place I got it from and said that is suffered with a problem.


The problem is it gives out a high pitched squeal not all the time but say I open a web tab it will do it if I close it then it may stop.


In games it can do it all so but not all the time.


Now the funny thing is my friend cant hear it at all but me bro can.

I know that people can hear different frequency to others so may explain that.


As I type this it is doing it.


I would like to get an RMA but wonder if it really is faulty though I am not sure I can put up with it any more even if its not.


Thanks all

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Hi there thanks for the fast reply.


I have disabled c1e etc


I have not booted into safe mode yet but I really cant see it helping as it sounds like coil whine.


I have turned on V sync to all ways on made no diff and if it had I wouldn't want to run it on as I never do in games eats FPS.


I cant try it in another PC as I have not got one well apart from an old socket A one and I have not got the money to go out and get a 24 to 20 pin converter.


Thanks in advance.

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