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How To Select the Ideal PSU


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  • 3 months later...

thank you for excellent manual. I have one additional question about PSU.

How about energy consumption?

If i choose "...AX1200, ultimate in expandability...", but I'm sure that Today i do not need 1200W power...

That means: I will have possibility someday attach more devices, but will waste every day huge electricity energy? Or PSU will work on half power?

all my best Wisches,

martinz :)

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  • 7 months later...

Circuits emit heat which is the energy that could not be used and therefore it radiates out from the circuit. That is why a PSU closely aligned to your power needs is more cost effective and the PSU units today take into consideration that systems are going to have variance and is why they scale.


This practice is better explained by an electrician, but it is simple -- the less energy left lying around in a circuit the less heat it will radiate and the less likely shorts will develop, your hardware will degrade less quickly and your electric bill will be lower. It actually saves you money across the board with less monthly expense, less frequent replacement/upgrades and better scalability.


The win win situations is antiquated where we are now experiencing the win, win win deal not to mention the newer units are more environmentally friendly and also means that they're less hazardous to you and your family. Less strange and foreign odors, fumes and the like mean more enjoyment, safety and savings for everybody. I should do sales and marketing.

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