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HX850, PG value is HH, won't boot system


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Hello there. My Power Supply seems to have a PG issue when using a PSU tester. When I install it in a system, and power the system on, all of the fans spin up like crazy and never stop, the CPU never kicks into the post screen. Here's what I've done.


1. Tested the HX850 and two other PSU's on the PSU tester.

2. Both of the other PSU's come back ok, the HX850 says "HH" on the tester for the PG rating (Power Good/Power OK).

3. Tested all three of the PSU's in the same system. Only the HX850 fails to post.



Now, perhaps a caveat, I sleeved the main cables of the PSU a while back, HOWEVER, I did not open the PSU at all, I simply cut the original webbed-sleeving off of the main cables and sleeved each wire individually. The PSU is about 4 months old, and stopped working a few days ago.


As I understand it, as long as the PSU was not opened at all, it's still under warranty, correct?

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I sleeved the main cables is all. Again, though, I never opened the PSU to do it as I only cut the main webbing-sleeve off and sleeved it up until the hole in the PSU. The PSU was never opened and the VOID WARRANTY sticker is still intact.
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I am having a similar issue with my two (2) HX850s... I am using the Cool Max PS-228 power supply tester and the P.G. value is coming back as "HH" or too high and it is beeping like a fire alarm.


I tested my older HX620 and it comes back with a P.G. value of like 490ms. I don't know what gives.


Did you ever find a solution?

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