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F120 and the results look horrible


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I just installed a brand new Corsair Force F120 and the results look horrible.


Even Atto can't do more than 234954.


CrystalDiskMark results are extremely bad (I know you do not like it, yet it is still interesting that many online reviewers hat extremeley good results with it).


Unfortunately, CrystalDiskInfo does not see my F120 at all. So I do not have a clue what firmware I have on the drive.


Oh well, I should have bought me that other vendor's RealSSD (hey why can't I name that other vendor?). It was a big mistake to go with the F120 that I own now :(. I don't see any value in it at all. And from what I just read in the forum, I am more worried than ever losing data with this product.


I was thinking of having the drive as boot drive but with this horrible performance, I can install it in my netbook, there it can probably help improve the situation a bit. The F120 performance reviews on the Internet are extremely overrated and am not able to recommend this drive to friends and family after what I have seen.


And guess what? While I was still editing my post, suddenly my screen went black and I had to reset the computer. What a nightmare. On second thought, I may just throw this disk away. It is not working properly.


What is quite interesting: Acronis TrueImage 2010 sees this F120 as F121.




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The Corsair staff would advise against it but I would get a refund or store credit exchange if possible, there are better SSDs out there right now in terms of reliability. I took my Force out of my system after messing with it for a month and losing productivity, and I couldn't be happier now that it's gone. It's just sitting on my desk waiting for the new firmware.


It sounds like you're having more problems than most people. If you can't get an exchange or refund, I would RMA the drive right now.


By the time you get the replacement drive, the new firmware should be out or at least almost out. I'm expecting it to be out by late september or early october. Although they are not giving an ETA for it right now, they've been working on it for months so it can't be that far away. Definitely don't just trash the drive, as I have faith that Corsair will get their act together and release a very solid firmware within a few weeks to a month. In the meantime, RMA the drive so you can get a new one!

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i wouldn't say horrible!

you are only 40 Mb/s off which could be a cable, a SATA port, a driver etc...

even though you are like 40 off the results are consistent which is why i suggest these things.


just to play devils advocate for a moment, Corsair says "up to a maximum read speed of 285MB/s and write speed of 275MB/s. they never promised you would see these numbers exactly but you may get closer by trying a different cable, port or driver.

maybe even a newer MB BIOS?


worth a shot? what do you have to lose except 15 minutes?


good luck!!

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