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Help Reaching 900mhz Corsair xm2 800mhz


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I have a Q9550 overclocked at 3.8ghz, but my Corsair XMS2 800mhz is giving me rounding errors in prime 95 when overclocked to 900mhz with volts of 2.1 and timings of 5-5-5-18.


I'm currently using an Asus P5Q. I have limited knowledge of overclocking so would appreciate some tips.


If needs be ill have to upgrade to Corsair 1066mhz ram but im hoping to avoid that if i can just get 900mhz stable.

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Thanks for your help.


However i require more helps please if thats ok.


I just bought 2v2gig sticks of corsair 1066mhz to replace my old ones.


Ok, i want to run my Q9550 @3.8ghz.


I have my FSB @ 444mhz cpu volts @ 1.1.5 all stable.


However the memory which is running t 1069mhz is reporting errors in prime.


This is at 2.2 volts.


I have just tried bumping the northbridge up to 1.30 but the prime blend test errors still occur.

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check out my cpu-z link, i set my divider to 5:6 and set the ram to 500Mhz and the CPU to 417x9 for 3.754Ghz but i do have the CPU voltage @1.536 which helped alot.

you would need 9x423 for 3.8

i dont know your CPU divider for that quad but maybe it will let you try 9?

i guess it depends on your boards BIOS.

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the volts on the box said 2.2


Either way i have it auto, i should probably configure the manual speed settings though, for now i have it on auto and rock solid stable @ 1066mhz.



The voltage is printed on the module. For 1066 kits it will either be 2.1v or 2.2v. Since it is rock solid stable, I would suggest leaving it alone.

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