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Getting Refresh algorithm on SSD P64 running


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Could someone please tell me how exactly I get the Refresh Algorithm for Corsair P64 started. My SSD got Firmware is VBM19C1Q, my OS is Windows XP Professional 32.


Should I leave the PC after Booting for one hour in Standby or just do nothing for a certain time and prevent Standby?


Thanks and greetings



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that works for XP too? i thought only Win7 had any capabilities of cleaning itself up?


Garbage collection is independent up the OS and is performed by the SSD firmware and controller. It's fully separate from TRIM.


O.K., thank you!

Just to make sure: "idle state" means after complete cold booting just doing nothing but not standby or hibernating?


Reboot and do nothing. Let the machine sit at that point.

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