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Hi, recently, i build my new pc as in my profile.


1) i would like to know the setting for CMXG2GX3M1A1333C9 2 x 2gb.

From the packaging and on the heatsink, i cannot find any details on the voltage and timing.


2) As i am getting bsod while gaming and it crashes. But as for now, i removed the 2gb and, reformated my system, it seems to be stable with just 2gb ram at default DRAM voltage. Is 2 stick of ram required higher voltage? Should i pump my Dram voltage? What is the safe voltage and timing for this ram?


Thank you.

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Updated information.

I have just run Memtest86+ V4.10.


I am using Asus P7P55D. I have 2 x 2gb ram.

The slot arrangement are A2 A1 B2 B1.


Follow the instruction from the manual, it mention that, for dual channel, we have to put on the A1 and B1, which i did. But during the memtest, i have 1 error on Test 2 and Many error on Test 5 with "Err-Bits 00002000".


I suspect the ram problem. So, i run the 2gb in Slot A1 only and run the test, surprisingly, no error. Then i switch another 2gb on the same A1 slot and run the test, still no error. After this, i suspect the Slot B1 faulty.


Then, i run another round of test. Put the 2gb in Slot B1 only and run the test, no error. Then i switch another 2gb on the same B1, no error also.



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Updated : I have try another Team Elite 2 x 2gb DDR3 ram on the A1 and B1 slot for dual channel. When i run memtest, no more error found. i think, it's the asus motherboard not compatible with this new corsair ram (CMXG2GX3M1A1333C9) in dual channel yet. Can you help to verify? Till now, i still cannot find review on this ram yet. Is this ram already updated on your official website? Thank you.
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back to report after rma'ed mobo on sound card isse.

now, i got new mobo. tested with the same ram in dual channel. still hv same error. when i run in single channel, no error.


i try ramguy suggestion, manually dram to 1.6v. timing to 9-9-9-24-5.

i not sure where the 2t go. so i adjust it to 9-9-9-24-2. is it correct?:roll:


now the whole timing shows : 9-9-9-24-2-74-10-7-20-0. tested memtest again in dual channel, it passed all test. :laughing:

does this mean the 5 value should be 2 for this ram to run in dual? thank you



1) After 3 round of memtest with 100% passed on the above setting, i try to load default bios setting. but this time, i only manually adjust the timing 9-9-9-24. Other value are on auto/default. I run memtest again, this time, after full 1 round, no error. it looks like manually enter 9-9-9-24 did solve the issue eventhough, the auto value also 9-9-9-24. i would like to hear from ram expertise comment. thank you.


2) can we say ddr3 ram are 100% safe at 1.65v?

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