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[help] kernel_data_inpage_error

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biatche nearly 6 months now, so can i get a refund?

look at 2.0 firmware statistics, doesn't seem to fix much of anything.


For most people it sure does seem to solve the problem, what is the make and model of the system or MB you are using?

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Came across this thread while researching my problem. I have the SAME exact problem with another company's SSD drive. Win7 64bit. All of sudden the system will stop responding, and then BSOD with kernel_data_inpage_error. The drive will go missing out of the BIOS, if I just reset it the computer. If I shut off the computer, wait a few seconds and turn it back on the drive will show back up in the BIOS and I have to fix the Boot Sequence Order in the BIOS.


The Motherboard is an ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z (Z68). I had AHCI on. I've now turned it off to see if I get better results. Think something is flakey with Win7 or these SSD sandforce controllers

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