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To RMA or to Return to Retailer / rebuy elsewhere ? Can I drop it off at HQ?

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Hi Guys


I received RAM yesterday from TigerDirect (Link) Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G1333C9AG 4GB Dual Channel DDR3

and installed it into my custom PC build (no os yet). You can check it out in my details.


I install it in there , it POSTS , and then it goes to boot from CD , and Win 7 wont install (it keeps saying its missing certain important files). ubuntu gives me a CRC error (bad data). I run memtest86+ , get some 1000 errors in 8 minutes. I stop the test isolate the memory, see if its a slot problem (its not). I test the 2. One gives me some 5000 errors in 1 round of memtest. Wont boot with this stick. Ubuntu boots just fine from the one good ram)


So my question is what should I do now?

I can return to tigerdirect and get a full refund but in order for me to get that I would need Corsair CS/Employee to confirm that the unit is actually defective. If one of the people on this forum could do that , it would be great! Then I just get a RMA from TD and give it back to them. (It was a good price after everything but oh well)

Then I would buy this: DDR3 4GB PC1333MHz DUAL CMV4GX3M2A1333C9

from a local store. It says server memory but it doesnt have ECC so it should be fine.


I could RMA the ram to corsair. Only thing is I need to get the UPC for the rebate , I don't know if this will work? Any advice Also another 2 questions.

1 would I be able to just drive on over (~5min) to corsairs HQ and drop it off in say shipping and receiving?

2. How long would it take to RMA? A week? I am looking to get my build done ASAP , the only thing I'm waiting on is RAM.


Thats about it! Thanks for any help! I would really appreciate the confirmation that my ram stick is DOA!

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