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contact tech support express?


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My parts have been received by Corsair but I want to let them know not to send replacement parts before 19/2 as I'm out of town.


Is there a possibility to come into contact with Corsair to handle these kind of things? I don't want my memory laying around for a week when I'm not at home.


My parts have been sent to the Netherlands address (Europe).


Thanks for any information.

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Most of the convenience stores sell calling cards that are not too expensive and you can call our customer service and get that worked out.


No email address? With my RMA case id this shouldn't be to hard to settle. It is strange that the address in the Netherlands shouldn't have a contact number.

I just sent the request to rma@corsair.com. Hopefully that will work :).


Are all replacements shipped from the USA?



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  • Corsair Employees

No they are shipped from the closest Hub, but Customer service is only available in the USA. The other Hub's or office's are just shipping and receiving personnel, they would have no idea how to help you.

You can send them an email at Rmaservice@corsairmemory.com, but in your original request you had a date sensitive requirement that was why you were given a number to call.

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