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800D replacement of Front Bezel and Window Side Panel

Big Myke

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Hello, I bought my 800D from new-egg on October 30, 2009 and my front bezel appeared in this condition when it came out of the box. I thought I could could ignore it but after a couple weeks I just couldn't stand the sight of it. I would like to get my front bezel exchanged.




Also, I am unable to remove my side panel window by unbolting the hexagon nuts from on the inside. There are two hexagon nuts that got screwed in too tight into the Plexiglas from the factory and I'm unable to get a wrench or a pliers to turn the nuts. I would also like this get the side panel exchanged as well.





Everything else about my 800D in top condition and all of my computer components are installed into the case with no problems. I could live without a side panel and a front bezel for a few weeks.



Thanks, Michael G

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Fill out the RMA form: http://www.corsair.com/helpdesk/


Called customer support on the phone this morning to find out that they cannot help me because they do not deal with computer cases? uh?? Best they could do for me was to give me their supervisor's email address and the phone number and her extension. I hope I don't have to spend hours and days of my time on the phone and passing multiple emails trying to get parts for a case that just got released.

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