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TWINX2048-4000PT compatibility?


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there is someone selling TWINX2048-4000PT that i want to purchase which is ddr500 pc4000


the board i have is which is the DFI lanparty UT Venus



it says the board Supports PC2100 (DDR266), PC2700 (DDR333) and PC3200 (DDR400) DDR SDRAM DIMM


it says my board doesnt support ddr500 pc4000 but people are still able to use it in bench marks


is it compatible?

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NOTE: Corsair product(s) that were not purchased directly through Corsair or a Corsair-authorized reseller would have no warranty.


That memory's too old to be in the Configurator. It should work fine but there's various variables that can hinder the system from running them @ top speed.

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