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Voyagermini 8GB - fake or refurbished?


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Hi Gurus,

I am a new customer of Corsair products. I just recently bought a Voyagermini 8GB flash. There are two things I am curious.


1. My 20+computer years experience tells me that the drive doesn't seem to be brand new (the head is worned), and there are two serial labels (one on the plastic box, one on the small leaflet).

2. The drive doesn't seem to be the same one as depicted in your website.


However, the product claimed to be obtained from the official distributor "hornington.com".


Can you tell if this is a refurbished or fake one?

I don't mind to buy another brand new original Corsair, as long as I know where to get one (in Hong Kong).

Thanks everyone in advance.



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thanks weird for your reply. still no answer from the officials.

i recommend that corsair may consider building a database of genuine/refurbished serials, so that everyone can keep track if they are getting a real product from your company.

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I can only agree partly, namely, scammers can make `good' use of the list if it were made into public. What I mean was just simply making a `serial check-box' on the web, customers enter their serial, then the website response with the status of this serial(say, production country, model etc.)


`Also, serial numbers aren't unique identifiers.' This I am not sure, I tend to believe it is unique. Thanks for your response again.

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Yes. So far the drive worked alright, no noticeable error.


I think I should make it clear. When i buy corsair, I really aim for getting a corsair. Not because of the price, but the brand. As you can realize, there are hundreds of companies making usb sticks in the market, Sandisk, etc. They are selling at among the same price as similar model of Corsair's.


Using another usb stick will work as well, the difference is that it is not corsair. Note that as a customer, you will buy Sony is not only because it works well, but just becasue it is Sony.


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