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One of the common problems I've noticed on the forums is people losing data because of some fault - either with the SSD drive or because of some other unbeknown failing in the system somewhere.


If your data is vital, if your data is important, if your data is irreplaceable then NEVER store it on your OS drive and ALWAYS backup regularly. I know this seems like teaching Granny how to suck eggs and backing up is a time consuming and boring task - but if you value your data then protect it.


You can buy an external hard drive (or enclosure if you have a spare drive) and there is loads of software you can buy that will autmatically backup your data for you. Burn your data to CD/DVD and make two copies of it and put it away safe.


The point of NEVER storing important data on your system (or OS) drive is that you never know what will tip it over or when - and it generally happens when you least expect it.


SSDs are, as has been said many times, new end user technology and whilst bugs and incompatibilites with almost unbelieveable permutations of hardware configurations are being ironed out and sorted - you can't place 110% reliability on them. Personally I wouldn't even give that kind of trust to a standard spinning HDD.


Keep your data off the system drive and back it up regularly and more so if you are about to make any major changes.

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