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MaximumPC just reviewed the H50


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MaximumPC just reviewed the Corsair H50 cooler and gave it a 9 out of 10 review, the review is at this site:



But they make an interesting comment and this is the first comment I have seen regarding this:

"We were more interested to see how the H50 did against CoolIt’s similarly priced Domino (reviewed June 2009). Like the Domino, the Corsair H50 consists of a CPU heat exchanger/pump unit that fits atop the CPU and is connected to a radiator, which mounts in place of your case’s rear 12cm fan. The H50 includes its own 12cm fan, which sits between the radiator and the case wall and pulls air through the radiator fins. The pump uses a three-pin power lead, which needs to plug into the CPU fan power port on the motherboard, and the 12cm fan, confusingly, has a four-pin connector, which plugs into any other fan control port. We originally tried running the pump off a direct-power Molex and the fan off the CPU PWM port, but saw miserable performance. Only after reversing the two did we achieve the expected performance."


They plugged the cpu pump into the cpu fan connector, and the 120mm fan into a chasis fan port to get the best results, has anyone else tried this setup?

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I believe it clearly stats whatever fan port you plugged the pump into that you should disable any kind of PWM or fan control since it needs full 12v. So it really doesn't matter what port you pulled the pump into as long as it has full power. Since teh power fan is 3-pin it was getting full power from the motherboard's 4pin PWM port.


As for what port to plug the fan into their probably is a debate. If you plug the 4pin fan into a port that is "manage" by the motherboard, (PWM) who knows how much juice it is really giving to the fan. They didn't put any kind of RPM numbers in their review. The motherboard was probably not giving it enough juice. They should have just disabled PWM instead of changing fan ports. It seems the port they switch the fan to was probably a 3pin non-PWM and giving it full power and in turn better performance.


Also... they say "The H50 includes its own 12cm fan, which sits between the radiator and the case wall and pulls air through the radiator fins." Isn't that the wrong way to setup this system? I believe the instructions say to set it up as an intake from the outside which pushes ait through the radiator and not "pulling" it as they did. That alone makes their review useless. We have no way of knowing what airflow is like in their case. They could be pulling really hot air through the radiator.


Of course there is more than one way to mount the radiator. I foudn the best performace with my Ant*c 1200 case is to set it up as exhaust but with two fans doing push/pull. Of course the 1200 has great airflow in it that helps with this configuration wher with other cases it might not work well at all.


It seems whoever they had do this review didn't really know what they were doing. There are plenty of other better reviews to read out there that are way more complete. Hope this helps.

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its not that hard to figure it out. bios tells you the rpms which they never stated. im betting they had something wrong with their setup. not sure id wanna direct connect the pump either as id like to be able to see the rpms.

i have the pump plugged into the chasisfan header, stock pwm fan into the cpufan header. bios says the rpms are right on the dot. gotta love the 1200 for airflow.

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