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Finally got my case installed.


Mine came in perfect condition, aside from cracked foam. But no panels were missing and I didn't have any alignment issues. I did have to be a little firm when installing the screws for the video cards, but I don't consider this an issue. Everything went together easily and came out nice. This is easily the best case I have ever had. I am not sure I would ever need anything else. Corsair nailed it, nice work folks!


Click here for a pic.



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Well guys bit the bullet and ordered an 800d very very pleased with it, didnt have any alignment problems or parts missing :)


Here are some photos :)








Hope you like them!



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In answer to your question about case temps etc here goes.


I have also got 3 Sythe Sflex 120mm fans running at 1200 rpm in the top of the case plus the stock 140mm fans running on auto from the Asus P6T motherboard.


At present the ambient temperature in my room is 19 degress c.


All the temps are taken from everest


Case temp 30 degrees

Motherboard 32 degrees.

Cpu 29 degrees (running at stock settings)

Gtx295 core 1 52 degrees core 2 50 degrees

Hard drives 4 in total coolest one is running at 31 degrees & hottest running at 40 degrees ( but that is an old drive not eco friendly)


When gaming the cpu never gets above 40 degrees under load due to the Coolermaster V8 (great cooler).


I normally set the fan speed manually to 60% on the Gtx295 & it never goes over 75 degrees, one thing I would say is that I have never been happy with the temps on the Gtx295 as it seems to run too hot but maybe its me being paranoid :)


As an experiment yesterday I installed a 120mm fan in the 3 empty drive bays on the front of the case to see what would happen to the temps in the case and it only dropped by around 1 degree, not much difference so that was taken out.


At some point this week I will be swapping out the stock bottom & rear fans for a couple of 140mm Xigmateks & will be interested to see if they pull more air into the case as the stock fans do seem to be a little weak but I dont want a tornado sitting beside my desk :)


Also very tempted to go for a couple of the new Ati 5870 cards which are supposed to run cooler etc but at present they are really hard to get in the U.K.


As they say I will keep you posted hope this helps?


Cheers all

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My $.02 worth, Just got my case buttoned up and into its normal location. This case is much quieter then my previous Cooler Master Sniper. I have to really listen to hear the HDD in the hot swap bay. It is a WD 1T Black. Temperatures are comparing favorable with the previous case. I replaced the bottom and HDD fans with higher speed fans and have 3 low speed fans in the top. I have a H50 blowing air into the case with 2 Noctua fans in push/pull. I also blocked off the vents in the top rear of the case and replaced the stock solid slot covers with SilverStone Aero Slots. Currents temps are ambient: 27C, CPU: 34C, MB: 32C, Video: 43C, HDD: 39C (lot of activity). If this case performs like the previous cases when ambient drops so will the other numbers.


Very pleased with the case overall and so far the thermal performance is what I expected and the noise level is better then I expected.

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Are you OC'ing? If so, thats downright cold. As I sit here surfing the web, by cpu is 47, gpu 52, so I think I am sold. I saw the h50 at Fry's so I picked that up, now I just need the case. If I can get those temps on air I would be really happy.


I only OC slightly, I am more concerned with stability then all out on the edge speed. I am running a 140 watt CPU and a 4850 video card. Those temps were primarily surfing with a defrag program running in the background. I have been running this case in the same place as the previous case for almost a full day and the temperatures are very similar to the other case. I have ordered different fans for the top and the bottom to do some more testing but I don't really expect to getter better thermal results, looking for a little less noise. The case is not loud as it sets but I think I can reduce the speed of the top fans a little and still get the same thermal performance. This case will cool satisfactorily with the correct fans and arrangement.

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My temps are;


Room temp is 22c.


CPU temp per everest is 27c with cores at 40-43c.


Mobo at 36c


NB 27c


GPU1 56c

GPU2 50c


Velociraptors at 34c

Caviars 37c


All my temps are pretty much the same as in my 1200, except the HDDs are about 7-10c higher. That may be due to the fact that they are stacked closely together in this case, whereas in the 1200 I gave each its own bay and fan. But, these temps are still well within normal range so I am happy. I love this case so far.

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Hey all


Just fitted 2 Xigmatek 140 fans in the case one on the bottom pulling in & the rear fan pulling out, you will be pleased to know that they have taken 5 degrees off my Gtx295 at idle!


No extra noise either so I am really pleased with the result.


So I have managed to get a better airflow into the case.


Hope this helps some of you :)


Cheers all

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I did think about that but it would mean reversing the fan on my Coolermaster V8 cpu cooler which atm pulls air from the front of the case and out through the rear case fan.


Just been playing WoW for 2 hours and the gpu didnt go over 64 degrees with the gpu fan manually set at 60% & also the new fans were running at 1000 rpm which the stock ones did not do & as a result in WoW before I fiited the new fans the card would ramp up to 70 degrees on the same setting.


Looks like I have got my airflow working as it should do.



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Ya I added two 120mm yates loon medium speed fans to the top to draw air out. Everything seems fine for me. I was thinking of reconfiguring it to have my cpu cooler blow up and out and the rear fan blowing in. But like I said, everything is fine for me so I am not going to mess with it for now. I would like to fine stronger 140mm fans but it seems that what is out there has the same air flow rating as the stock.
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