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  1. Sounds like we are just waiting on an update then.... no big deal. Early adopter pains.
  2. I too am having this issue and am not running anything else but iCue. I use it for everything. Since popping in my 5900x I have been having a multitude of issues I figured were just because I will need to wait on an update. My ram was stuck in rainbow mode....deleting aura fixed that. But now my asus board doesn't show up in iCue and my temp profile is looking at my GPU, the CPU is not listed.
  3. With SLI being all but dead, I don't see anyone needing the Ax1600i yet I would really like the ability to play with the settings in icue that my HX doesn't afford me. Why not release a 850,1000, adn 1200 Watt version?
  4. So after having every LNP out of my PC etc and using a new SATA rail and plugging it into a different port on the PSU it happened again. So, I discovered my origional BIOS version was actually on my box. I re-installed my bios back to the original version and all is well. All LNP's back in etc. WTH is going on? I notice asus rather quickly released a "beta" bios for the x570 hero only a couple weeks later. Kinda has me worried for the new CPU's tomorrow. Or do you think it could NEED a new xen 3 and my 3900x was causing the issue? I give up.
  5. It has to have been exactly that. Those connections between the RGB connectors from the EK products are EXTREMELY loose. I ordered some of these just in case that is what it was: https://www.ekwb.com/news/ek-releases-a-perfect-cable-management-system-for-rgb-cables/
  6. I understood about half of that. I had everything but one node pro for 6 fans on the single rail, yes. So I thought I would be fine. The LNP was powering only the CPU RGB strip and my distro's rgb strip but the connection between the RBG hookups was pretty loose. Maybe that happened when I moved it around. Still no reboots! Looking at the CP (funny you say all white, because that is my default) they are at 12V=11.93V 5V = 4.92V 3.3V = 3.25V
  7. Thanks man. Running a HX1000i and yes, I am running a boatload off of one sata plug. 12QL fans all on one CP, which is also plugged into the mobo, a d5 pump, the case lights, and previously a LNP.... basically all sata plugs were plugged into something. Also, I had my PSU plugged in as well, so maybe Corsair's software is smart enough to tell the PSU to shut off if it detects an issue in any other corsair hardware? At any rate, still strong. 12 shutdowns in 5 days, none since yanking the LNP yesterday AM.... so weird.
  8. Long time guys. So, In anticipation of my pending 5900 CPU I "upgraded" my x570 hero's bios to the latest version. I also moved my computer around, tried to clean up the back etc. So I did two things at once, but one of them has caused my system to just power off randomly (during a zoom meeting, etc). It's a violent shutdown. Just total power loss, then a reboot with no warning or BSOD. I noticed, that when this happens the top set of fans on my rad and my CPU's RGB strip go off and do not turn back on with the rest of the system until iCUE starts after said reboot. Those two things were plugged into a USB splitter which I have since yanked, and the indecent did not happen again for days, but just now, it happened again and windows reports: a kernel 41 errror "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." Decided to yank LNP, and it has now been a full 48 hours without incident. I've had LNP's die on my before, and I have a new one in the box but am a little scared to put it in there. This really has me worried as I have a 3090 in there and would prefer it doesn't die a horrible death. I leak checked everything and that seems ok.....
  9. Hey Corsair, any plans to release your standard issue LED/RGB stips with a diffusion filter? IMHO it's about that time.
  10. When I boot up, everything stuck in rainbow. When I bring icue to the foreground it takes a second, says no devices found, then they populate and my RGB settings come up fine. Any idea why? I've updated the software and the firmware on everything.
  11. Curious about this myself. What is the difference?
  12. Hey Zotty. It goes into rainbow mode..... which I don’t mind but just would prefer them to shut off.
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