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Corsair Explores Intel's Lynnfield and P55 Express

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From the article:

This means that Intel users can now harness the power of Core i7 in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing performance. The new Lynnfield and P55 based systems are proving to be very powerful and feature rich based upon our testing. The system featured here proved itself to be an excellent system for all tasks put before it at the stock settings. And, the performance gets better as the system is also a very solid overclocking unit. With a minimum of tweaking we took our stock 2.8GHZ system to almost 4GHZ and saw some performance increases approaching 50%.




Corsair Lynnfield + P55 Build Log




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Hi there!


Looking at getting an ASUS P7P55D-E Pro board to put in a 600T when the case is finally out (hurry up Corsair, lol!) and have been looking into this kit for ram:


Corsair CMP8GX3M4A1600C8 8GB (4x2GB) DDR3


which according to the site I'm getting it off includes the airflow fan.


Now these ASUS boards only have ram clips on the top side of the ram slots and as far as I can tell, the airflow fan looks like it needs clips on both sides to fit properly.


The reason I'm posting this here and not the cooling forum is that this system uses an ASUS board with the same ram clip situation as the D-E Pro has, and I was wondering if the person who built this system is still around to ask if there were any issues with the fan clipping on, if so was it a slight mod, or does it just hold itself on well enough?


Failing that, if someone else knows the answer, or has one of these ASUS boards and a ram cooler that works, that would also be great!




EDIT : Just had another look at the picture in the build,




Looks like its actually not on straight. May just be the camera angle but you can see more of the blue heat fins down the bottom which would be the case if it was at an angle. Also looking closely at the clip on the GPU side, it seems to be against the ram modules themselves?

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I've got the P7P55D-E Deluxe & the same ram. It fits perfectly. Just has to be loose when putting it over the ram then slowly tighten up.


Ah. Forgive my ignorance. Are those screws on top of the cooler to tighten the clips, rather than being spring loaded? That would be excellent and make a lot of sense.



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