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CMFSSD-64N1 - serious problems...

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Hi All - First post!


Right heres the situation:


I run a system building company, we use a LOT of Corsair parts, mainly RAM and PSUs, and have always been very pleased with the value, quality, etc of your products.


So when my Distributor said that they where getting in a new line of Corsair SSDs, i jumped at them, they where, at that time un-reviewed.


I got 4 in, and had one for myself to play with.

First impressions (Vista64) where very good, very responsive, high quality etc...


After a week though, i started to notice short pauses in use, for example in Outlook, my PST is around 500MB, as i have mails gaing back years.. opening a new mail, etc etc.. I would see a short (0.5 - 1 sec) pause. I put this down to a driver issue, or similar. checked everything etc...


I then ran HD Tach - and it showed that the pauses where indeed the SSD.

I send it back to the Distributor, they sent me another one back.

I installed Win7 RTM on it. again started fine. But soon the same problem came back. this problem makes the system unusable, especially when heavily using photoshop / illustrator..

Im now back on my 400GB Maxtor - which performs better that a £125 SSD.....



In the mean-time, we sold systems containing the other 3 CMFSSD-64N1's as boot drives to customers.

The raved about the fast response and so on... but now.. all customers have returned their systems under warranty (only 1-2 months after purchase) with this same stuttering / pauseing issue.

I have swapped them all onto another brand of SSD drives - all customers are happy.


A few weeks ago Micro Mart did an SSD review of the main players. and they found this EXACT same issue. They put it down to the use of a particular JMicron controller chip within the drive.



I am stuck with 4 paper-weights.


When are Corsair going to recall this un-fit for purpose product?

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  • Corsair Employee

There is no issue with these that I am aware of, however SSD's do have some limitations as with HDD but more noticeable than with HDD's

The number one issue is as they start to fill up they will slow down in performance.

And random reads will start to drop first and with smaller file sizes the performance will be even less.

Were the three drives set up as a RAID or what was the configuration?

And what was the configuration on your system and how full was the drive?

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Hi Ram Guy - Thanks for your reply.


The issue is proven to be due to the particular JMicron controller chip, and no cache, which forces seek times of upto and over 1 second in certain (common) circumstances.

A degredation in performance after 1 month's use is unacceptable. I would also suggest that this issue should be covered under warranty, being as it is a manufacturing defect / inherent design flaw.


The drives where all single drives in seperate machines, all running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. With Indexing / defrag turned off from new.


They where all running the bare minimum of a vista install + office. all other apps / data are on the secondary drive. With the exception of my own machine which had Adobe CS3 on the SSD as well, but still only around 40% full.

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  • Corsair Employee

I am using these drives personally and have not had any problems like you have described but if you want to do an RMA we can try replacing them. Other wise you can talk to the reseller and see what they will do.

Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them.

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ekahan - I would hardly call it a Legacy product... it was released in June 09!!!!


Here follows an extract from Micro Mart issue 1059 (11th june 09):


"Initial impressions where decent enough, the drive felt snappy during vista installation procedure, but it wasnt long until we felt the first unexpected pause. Surely this brand new drive hadnt been released with a 'broken' LMicron controller?? Unfortunately a quick visit to our HDTune tests reinforced our suspicions, with a read test that flatlined impressively at 135.9MB/s but oscillated winldly during the write test..."


"The lometer test finally cemented our fears, registering a completely unacceptable maximum latency of above 1 second, and a hopelesly slow 0.02MB/s average transfer rate when hit with randon 5K writes."


The go on to say...


"Considering the Corsair CMFSSD-64N1 is a brand new drive, it is a tremendous disappointment. The JMicron JM602B controller has been repeatedly proven dreadful by several of corsair's competitors, many of whom now have support forums full of angry customers ( :!: ) It is Utterly perplexing, therefore, that a company as highly regarded as Corsair would sully its name by releasing such a product (end of article)"




So... what are we going to do?

My Distributor wont have them back, because A: They are used, and B: they are technically working as designed (Be that badly).

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  • Corsair Employee

I would have no control over what would be the replacement, but they may test them and return the same drives if there is nothing wrong with them.

But you are welcome to submit a RMA request and we can see what they will replace them with.

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