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Trying to upgrade Gateway MX 7525 to 1.5gig

Ricky Anderson

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I have a Gateway notebook MX7525, the specs of which can be found here.




I purchased a Corsair part labeled CMR1G333S at Best Buy and it causes my computer to not boot.


The Corsair part is a DDR1, 1 GB, 333mhz, PC-2700 which is replacing an existing 512 MB stick of seemingly the same specs.


Apparently my computer has two 512 sticks now, one under an easily removable cover, and the other internal to the computer. I have some questions...


To upgrade to the 1.5 gig that it says I can, do I just replace the memory under the removable cover with a 1 gig card?


Is the Corsair part I purchased the correct part for my computer?


Why doesn't the part number on the memory cross to anything that you sell on your Website? CMR1G333S does not seem to mean anything on the searches here at this site.





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The link says it is shipped with 1024 MB DDR (2x512 MB) SODIMM (PC2700)


And that it is expandable to 1536 MB.


Here is the quote.


1024 MB DDR (2 × 512 MB) SODIMM (PC2700)

Expandable to 1536 MB


Expandable to 1536 MB it says.


I found the Corsair CMR1G333S at Best Buy and the salesman confirmed that is what I needed.


It don't work.


The package says Compatible with DELL, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, and all other DDR1 Laptops.


I guess it ain't.


I tried looking up what I purchased on this website and the number don't work.


I wonder what I bought.


All The package says is


Corsair DDR1 Laptop Memory 1GB 333MHz PC 2700

Compatible with DELL, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, and all other DDR1 Laptops.

Lifetime Limited Warranty


Nothing more.

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I already downloaded the Gateway service manual from the internet before I even posted here and it says...



This notebook has two memory modules. One is located in the memory bay. The other is accessible only after removing the palm rest. For more information see replacing the memory module under the palm rest on page 80.


It goes on and tells ya how to disassemble the entire computer just to get to the second module. And it is the entire computer that gets disassembled; the keyboard, display, drives, and memory card reader have to come out to get to it... 37 screws in all.


I have read in other forums that people have upgraded their MX7525 computers and they made it sound like they just popped out the bottom chip and replaced it with a one meg chip. The forums were old so I didn't post in em. I have also already emailed Gateway and I am waiting on a reply from India. I will probably have as much luck there as I am here.


I know that there are now two 512 chipsets in this computer and that somehow it can be upgraded to 1.5 meg.


If you don't want to help me just say so and I will go away and take this mystery chip you made with me. It is odd that the chip I purchased isn't listed on your website. Is it counterfeit, or just something that you don't want to talk about?

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Neither. They recently updated the website and some information is apparently missing (e.g. 2/3 of the laptop memory area). I've just notified the appropriate people.


RG, I think the manual means it COMES with 2 x 512 MB. Some snooping around confirms that it should take a 1 GB stick just fine.


Ricky, it should be compatible, but I have no idea why they made it so you'd have to mix memory of different sizes. That's asking for trouble usually. Do the gold contacts look ok?

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The gold contacts look fine. In fact the Corsair card looks new, which it is. I have used proper ESD procedures with it and have installed it four times. The other memory card that came with the computer still works fine. I don't think that there is anything wrong with the Corsair card except that the package was labeled Compatible with DELL, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, and all other DDR1 Laptops. It apparently isn't.


RamGuy is the part you are suggesting a 512 Card? I don't know why I would replace a 512 card with another 512 card.

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So, you are saying I need to go to Gateway?


I still don't understand why you suggested I buy a third 512 memory card. Nor do I understand why this Corsair DDR1 laptop memory 1GB 333MHz PC-2700 compatible with DELL, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, and all other DDR1 Laptops, isn't compatible.


Is my Gateway MX7525 not a DDR1 Laptop or is the package wrong?

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Before I posted here I went to tech support.


I clicked on I need technical help with my Corsair product but it asked me to select my product from the list. I couldn't continue because my product isn't on the list so I came in here.


I like it here... It's nice and quite.

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