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Faulty CM2X1024-6400C5DHX - 4th set


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Not really very happy but I'll stick to the facts.


2gb kit of the above memory modules, already on the 3rd set after abrupt failures to boot. Never run above spec, never overvolted. In each case on failing to boot one of the modules has failed memtest (spectacularly). This has been across multiple platforms and hardware.


3rd set has not been used after return from RMA in January 2009 given the lack of confidence, but I had a less critical build I put together last weekend and thought I would try them so they could at least get some use. (2gb matched dhx kit was very much overkill for this build).


Got through windows load ok, updated everything, added a couple of applications. All up over a couple of days had maybe 15 reboots and all was well.


This morning turned the pc on and bsod. As soon as I looked in the case and remembered what memory was in there I ran memtest - another dead module.


System is fresh build of XP Pro SP3, Pentium D960, DHX 2Gb kit, 9600GT, Silverstone 600w ST60F, Seagate 160Gb sata, pioneer dvdrw, Asus 54g wifi, Leadtek DVR3200, Gigabyte GA81945P Pro.


I'm not sure I can be bothered going through the rma process again, and I'm confident this post won't achieve anything, but I have set the rma process in motion once again.


Thanks for your time,



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Tried it anyway - no go. USB Legacy storage detect (the only bios setting under standard or advanced options) disabled and memtest86+ 2.11 run hit errors almost immediately.


I take all the usual precautions, run multiple platforms at home (and for family and friends), and these are the only modules I have problems with. Only posted here hoping there might be some "Corsair Magician" who would say - "that can't be right - I'll get someone to review your case history in the rma department".


If I can get postage under $12 Australian I'll RMA them - if not I'll bin them (even the good stick - cannot be trusted).


Thanks anyhow.

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