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new memory for Dell Dimension 2400


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1. Some confusion - Dell support site indicates PC3200 and your memory configurator says PC2700. Which is correct. Can I determine what have I by visual inspection of existing DIMM? should there be a label or imprint with spec on the dimm?


The following assumes the answer to above should be PC3200. I am going to purchase the VS1GB400C3


I am looking at removing the 256 nonECC unbuffereddimm I have and getting two 1 GB dimms.


2. Is the above VS1GB400C3 a non-ECC and unbuffered dimm? Can I replace a nonECC unbuffered with an ECC unbuffered? Is there a memory controller that will just ignore the error checking bits?


You do not reveal the (approx) voltage on most of your DIMMs. What is the voltage for the above PC3200. Can I replace a 2.5V dimm with a 2.6 or 2.7 volt rated dimm?

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Depends on what CPU you have. If you plug in your service tag into Dell's support site it will tell you your full system specs (I used to work @ Dell a loooong time ago).


Their memory probably won't have any labels.


VS1GB400C3 is unbuffered and non-ECC. Don't use ECC in a non-ECC system. Waste of money, and some systems can have issues with it.


VS1GB400C3 = 2.5v. If you overclock it, don't go past 2.9v, although I doubt your BIOS has the capability to set the memory timing anyway. Same reasoning for not using higher than 2.5v memory in the system, as it probably won't work.

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