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16GB FlashVoyager not recognized on any XP system


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I have had a 16GB Flash Voyager thumb drive I have carried and used for the last 6 months that was purchased at NewEgg. Last evening, while attempting to write to the drive I got a delayed write error in Windows, even though the drive still showed as operational on my XP box.


Today I find that no machine in my department will recognize the device - they either ignore the insert of the key, or they 'see' it but cannot tell what type of device it is. If I leave the key plugged into my Dell Latitude D820 laptop running XP, it will randomly 'see' the device and try to determine what it is, but I can never read or write data to it, nor does it ever show as a disk in disk management.


I think my key gave up the ghost because I have a drawer full of Lexar and other various (smaller) USB keys and they all immediately recognize and are accessible.


Machine specs:

Dell Latitude D820

Windows XP SP3

2GB ram


Behavior is same even with the laptop connected to AC power. I have booted with the device connected and the behavior is the same. I have tried this on at least 5 other machines (coworkers) and the behavior is mixed, but none can read files from the key.

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