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Light in flash memory device? And more


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I have recently bought a Flash Voyager 32 GB.

Some doubts:


1.- When it is working. Is any light on??. It's not my case.

2.- In my first use, I have copied some files form my HD to the flash. When I came to the memory to have a look I saw some that I didn.t need and I tried to delete them. As i could not anyway, I decided to format the memory (with the Windows XP application). Is it oK or does exist any specific tool to do that.

3.- Some strange thing happens. If I copy some avi format files from the HD, only the first one can be played directly from the flash memory. The rest cannot. They are correct as i can play them perfectly from my hd. What can the problem be?.


Mnay thanks for your help.



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I am sorry but you would need to go back with that reseller as it looks to be a counterfeit product.

I would suggest contacting Ebay and filing a complaint.


Sorry to hear about that as I bought it as original.

Anyway, does any light has to be on, when it works?.


Many Thanks for your help.

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