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Casing and drive seperated.. =(


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Hey guys,


Well the rubber casing surrounding my Flash Voyager came off.. and I need to fix that Lol.


When I try to take the drive out, the case usually just slides off, and I have the handle the actual drive to take it out of the usb slot, I don't think that's a good idea..


What should I use to glue the two together again? I don't know if I should use normal white glue, or something else (I dunno if the glue's conductive or not..)



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i have the same problem...the rubber case has separated...


I have a couple of questions regarding this:


1. Is it necessary to send the receipt/bill along with the drive?

I am staying at my university's hostel currently and the product's cash receipt is at my home. I don't even remember where I have kept it and I highly doubt that my parents would be able to find it by themselves.


2. Do you have any service centers in India where I can send the drive for RMA as it will take a lot of time if I send it to the US and they send it back from there.



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