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MSI K8N Neo4 Plat + VS1GB400C3


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I've recently ordered a 2x1gb pack of ram off newegg to up my total ram in my pc to 4gb to give it a little bit more lasting power. i currently run XP 64-bit.


my issue started with my pc not recognizing all 4gb in the bios. it would post something around 3.4gb and freeze within a few seconds of windows loading. after some research on my second pc i changed the remapping settings in my bios and it then showed all 4gb of ram on post however it is still freezing upon loading into windows. i spent the better part of 2 evenings trying to fix this issue and corsair's phone support was very unhelpful and the guy on the phone was basically rushing me and offered NO helpful information apart from timings that i have already tried before.


i have bought many corsair products and this encounter with this guy really unsettled me. he did not want to do anything or go slightly out of his way to help me. he basically told me i should have gone intel over AMD due to intel having a beefier mem controller and asked if there was anything else he could help me with. now i'm hoping someone can help me rectify this situation and hopefully point me in the right direction on how to configure this ram.


my old 2x1gb of ram are VS1GB400C3 which is the same as the new pack i received. i understand the versions might be slightly different but is that really enough to cause my pc to freeze upon loading into windows? I set the timing to 333mhz since that was what i found on other sites/forums as a good fix, didnt help at all.


i have run the old 2 sticks in many intensive apps and i know they work fine. i swapped out the 2 old sticks for the 2 new and did the same, they handled a couple hours of gaming fine. this leads me to believe its a bios setting that needs to be changed or that it really is just a version compatibility issue.


-newest bios

-newest drivers for everything

-have tried different timings and upping voltage to 2.7/2.75 to see if it fixes stability, no luck.


also if nothing can fix this how would i go about getting a refund (not just an RMA replacement)?

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i understand the versions might be slightly different but is that really enough to cause my pc to freeze upon loading into windows?
In short, yes. They probably use different ICs, and most memory controllers don't like that. Try 266 @ 3-4-4-8, 2.8v.
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awesome. seems as though its working. now my 2nd question would be what settings could i safely increase/decrease to improve overall performance? clock speed seems pretty obvious.


i appreciate your help wired, seems to be running well. how worse/better off am i using 4gb at these settings compared to 2gb at default settings? its hard to find good advice on a socket 939 board nowadays, glad i was referred to this forum.

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