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CM2X2048-6400C5 Vista 64 4GB video artifacts


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Hi, i need some help with my system. Here's the problem:


i recently upgraded my system with a crossfire video card (so now i have 2 sapphire 3850 @512mb) and my pc worked fine. i upgraded my OS to vista64 bit, and it worked fine. finally i bought another module of this model (CM2X2048-6400C5), exactly the same version and timings, and the system became instable! it loads to the desktop, but after a few seconds it freezes and show a black screen with the mouse pointer frozen. i tried the modules alone, and they work perfectly, i did the memtest to both of them alone and it worked, i did it to them together and it worked, but when the system loads with the two 2GB module together it crashes. i just updated my bios and set to default settings, updated windows an hour ago, but the problem is still there. what can i do? maybe a bios setting to change?





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