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Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Compatibility for Crossfire


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Hello Everyone,


I will be building a gaming PC next month where I am planning to use the Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Case for my RIG as it is a very good looking compact case, and here comes this issue:

* I will be using GA-H97-HD3 from Gigabyte and AMD R9 390 from MSI where I am planning to add another graphics card in future (the 2nd PCIeX4 slot is number 5 keeping in mind that location number 3 is skipped but its space is reserved on the mobo PCB).

Now the length of the graphics card is 277 mm and in the case manual it is mentioned that the lower slots can take up to 275 mm graphics card because of the HDD/SSD cage of course (card is 2 mm = 1/16 inch) longer . The question is: will the 2nd graphics card clash with the HDD/SSD cage because of its huge length?? or it will be extended above the cage and every thing will be fine. What slots on any mobo that is considered by corsair to be "Lower Slots" in order to avoid conflicts?

appreciate your advice


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