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TX650W power supply


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Alright, I just got the TX650w power supply but here's the problem..

I have the nvidia 9800 gx2 and there is the 6-pin/2-pin combo but it beeps when I hook it up to the 9800..

I am not very good with the whole power supply thing but I figured it was because I need the 2 4-pin's connected instead of the 6-pin/2-pin..


But if I do that then there is no 4-pin for my motherboard..


I do have an adapter for a 4-pin to a 8 pin but it's nowhere near the length needed..

I probably could run down to a computer store if I know it'll work or do I need a different PSU?

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The two 4-pin connectors for the motherboard, and if your board has an 8-pin socket then you need to use both four pins together. The PCI-E cables are for your video card, and I believe you need to use both of them with the 9800GX2. Just make sure that the PCI-E cables are hooked up securely to the card, usually if you get beeping from the graphics card, its because the PCI-E cable is not hooked up.
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