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So a few weeks back I decided to hollow out my pc piece by piece, clean the case/parts and rewire the whole thing in a more professional manner.


Upon doing so and getting the system back up and running I decided to upgrade the cooling as all except for the water cpu cooler and corsair exhaust fan were stock. And dusty af. So I pitched everything and decided since I prefer Corsair products to spend the extra cash and go that route. I got the LL120 3 pack combo with the rgb hub and lightning pro in addition to another ll120 fan for a total of 4, plus the corsair standard 120 red led on the exhaust which is fine; a total of 5 fans.


I built this rig myself and over the years have upgraded as necessary. It's an older msi z77mpower mobo with an i7/3770k, 8 gigs of ddr3. gpu is an evga gtx 970 which runs my game of choice WOW at max settings no issues, and newer games just fine when turned down a little. This thing has held up great considering some components are near 8 years old.


Rewired everything neatly behind mobo plate to maximize the cooling and aesthetics. Tested group by group and all was fine. 4 new ll120 fans running perfectly at reboot (both fans and rgb) in their default pattern, as soon as the drivers for icue load in win7 the profile takes over and the lights automatically switched to whatever I had set. Everything was working as intended and very well I might add. Idle I was 86-95 and load bout 115-125. degrees spiking to 135. Cool. The ll 120's arranged 2 top, 1 front, 1 bottom and a standard 120 rear exhaust. All pointed correctly and looking beautiful with the rain theme in i cue. All are connected to the mobo with the rgb cables routed through the hub and into the lightning node.


So I decided to pick up the commander pro plus another 3 pack combo for a total of 7 ll120 fans. Planned on hooking up 6 via the commander pro and the extra to a 4 pin connector on modo. I wanted a total of 10 fans all said and done as I'm now planning an eventual mobo/cpu/ddr/gpu upgrade this summer sometime. This way the case will be ready.


Next step, power down and map this out. Take another look everything is fine. All ssd's, opticals, sound and rgb is perfect. Temps are perfect. power down. I removed the power cord, the monitor cables, keyboard/mouse. unscrewed the side panel where the fans were to be installed. Installed 3 fans and re routed the wires through the grooves on the side panel only. I haven't touched the rig, only the side panel.


The diagrams I find for properly installing the commander pro look obnoxiously small on my phone. So I need to power up the computer. I plugged all the cords back in, but did nothing with the fans on the side panel left em powerless. Boot up windows, which took forever and a day. It hung twice. Finally back in windows and I noticed the fans were working but no rbg at all. Temps are perfect, but Rbg is non existent. Bring up icue and its showing everything working as intended. Try changing a setting to a different scheme or whatever and nothing. No colors at all. Rebooted several times and nothing. Fans work, rgb no.


So I needed a break and decided to play a game since the fans work technically. Log in the game and I get an error. Probably a patch or update. So I scan the game and update it, of course it hangs. So I reboot and the ssd drive that is just for this one game is gone! Nowhere to be found, in bios or windows. So power down and switch the sata cables from another ssd to the game one and viola. Maybe the cables died, so I switched back to the original cables and left the other ssd drive disconnected and it worked fine. Game updated and no problems,


So as of now I have 4 rgb fans all hooked up correctly with the fans working but no rgb lighting and 1 ssd sata drive not being recognized. I spent some time to add my specs below. It's an older tx650w corsair ps. Is that the issue?



Motherboard MSI z77 Mpower

Processor i7-37770k

Memory F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL

Video Card # 1 EVGA GTX 970

Hard Drive # 1 Corsair Force GT 120gb ssd

Hard Drive # 2 1tb seagate 7200 rpm

Hard Drive # 3 PNY 240 gb ssd

Hard Drive # 4 Corsair Force 90gb ssd

Optical Drive # 1 asus dvd rw

Optical Drive # 2 lg blu-ray RW

Power Supply CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 650W ATX12V/EPS12V

Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced

Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional

Monitor 2x LG 34um95's

Operating System W7 premium 64 bit running dx 11 SP1

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Yes, so to simplify. Everything was set up and working perfect. All devices, the fans and all rgb effects. All I did was remove the panel to install just the 3 rgb fans and that is it. Nothing else. The rig was never touched or altered which makes this so odd. I’ve pulled off the back panel to check all connections and everything is secure. But again, it was never touched. I never installed the 2nd rgb node or lightning node: everything is still in the wrappers the commander pro and all accessories to the ll120 3 pk. All I did was screw in the 3 rgb fans, theyre not even powered.
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