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FAT32 vs NTFS general question


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Just a general enquiry, so please excuse my ignorance, if the question has been asked before...


i have been looking into the idea of getting a 64GB Flash Voyager, and see there have been some issues relating to read/write speeds posted (obviously human nature is that those with problems will post, those without wont, so i'm not casting any aspersions in relation to IF there is a problem or not)


So, i have been reading through all the posts, and having RMA'd an early 8GB SLC based voyager myself due to speed deterioration issues and got a 16GB GT in return (which i have a feeling may be suffering the same fate if my last tests are to be believed) this topic holds an interest for myself.

In all of the posts i have read, the test proceedure is the same, format the drive in FAT32 and perform the tests using HDBENCH set to 100mb file size.


ok, this is from your press release...


"The new 64GB USB Flash Voyager has enough capacity for a library of DVD-length movies"



Given that FAT32, is/should be a dying file system for large file storage given it's size limitations, and 100MB file size is hardly considered large these days, and that the 64GB Flash Drive is clearly marketed at those of us transferring larger files.....


Why are you still basing your rated speeds, and instructing users to format/test in FAT32 and the 100MB file size setting, when in reality many will not be using FAT32 and are likely to be transferring files larger than 100MB on a regular basis ? i am struggling to even think of a format that a DVD movie can be ripped down to and still be watchable at anything near 100MB

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