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HX1000 for Server (20 SATA Drives), to be or not to be?


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Hi folks,


I'm going to be building a server for my business, and am thinking of using the HX1K as the PSU.


This PSU will power:

2 Xeon E5405 Quad Core

Motherboard Intel S5000PSL (onboard basic ATI VGA)

1 Areca 1261ML RAID Card (16 channel)

20 SATA 7200rpm Drives (WDC mostly) in 4 x 5-in-3 internal enclosure


Note: 20 drives because this will be a VM Server hosting about 15 Guest Servers




I've seen the rail distribution diagram --> http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=70317


...but I'm still unsure, because from what I understand from the above chart:


1. The MB, both CPUs and RAID Card will be running from rail 1 (RED) .... Is this correct?

2. All 20 drives will run off the second rail (ORANGE). Note: Each 5in3 enclosure is powered by 2 molex. So 4 enclosures mean 8 molex to power all 20 drives.


My concern is for Number 2.... will the second rail alone be enough to power all 20 SATA 7200rpm Drives reliably?


If not then my option is to go to a psu with single rail design like the silverstone OP1200 or ZU/ZM1200 series.


Thanks for the help guys.


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As far as power is concerned, there shouldn't be any issues. Each HDD can pull up to about 20 watts at full load, so with 20 drives at full load you are looking at about 400 watts altogether, which should not be a problem at all. The only thing that I would double check is how many connectors you are going to need. You will have 10 molex and 10 SATA connectors to work with, but it sounds like that should be plenty.
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